Fall Restaurant Food Trends: The Inside Scoop From Downtown Mystic Restaurant, Chapter One Food & Drink

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Chapter One Mystic

Fall Restaurant Food Trends: The Inside Scoop From Downtown Mystic Restaurant, Chapter One Food & Drink

As one of the leading downtown Mystic restaurants, Chapter One Food & Drink strives to stay ahead of the food scene curve and bring delicious, rich flavors and innovative dishes to our local area. This fall is no exception!

We’ve done an industry deep dive and a bit of soul-searching to uncover what may be in store for this fall’s restaurant food trends, and we’re sharing them with you.

Fall Food Trend #1: Increase In Vegan And Vegetarian Dishes

These dietary lifestyle choices are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and our corner of Connecticut is no exception. Plant-based creations and exciting new recipes advance a more sustainable food market and lower grocery costs.

As a hotspot for dining, downtown Mystic restaurant Chapter One brings the heat with delectable vegan and vegetarian menu items like the Vegetarian Stir Fry and the Vegan Paella.

Sautéed peppers, onions, spinach, edamame, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, scallions, and sesame seeds, our Vegetarian Stir Fry is served with our house jasmine rice and a sweet soy sauce.

Our Vegan Paella is made with roasted cauliflower, edamame, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, and sautéed spinach and is tossed with our house-made risotto.

Fall Food Trend #2: Smaller, More Selective, and Creative Menus

Unfortunately, many restaurants still face supply chain issues and limited access to ingredients that used to be standard fare. The good news is that the creative juices are flowing in the kitchen. Chefs and staff at our downtown Mystic restaurant are excited to get more innovative and put out dishes that have never been done or seen before.

Our Chapter One Bolognese, which is made with stewed veal, sausage, and crumbled house-made meatballs, is just one of those innovative dishes we are pleased to bring you. Together, this meat trio is all slow simmered in a port wine tomato sauce, tossed with cavatappi pasta, and finished with grated parmesan cheese.

Fall Food Trend #3 It’s Time For Seasonal Soups

The fall soup trend should be no surprise. As temperatures drop and the desire to create a warm, cozy, and slower pace of life increases, the tasty and hearty soups come out in full force. At Chapter one, we’re excited to ring in fall and create a new soup every day of the week.

In addition to our signature N.E. Clam Chowder and French Onion, our seasonally delectable soups can be served as a side or can be a meal on their own.

Fall Food Trend #4 Hibiscus Flavor Takeover

The hibiscus flower has red petals, a nuanced hint of fruity flavor, and a smidge of astringency. These characteristics create a beautifully complex flavor and make for an exciting addition to any dish or beverage. At our sister restaurant location in Guilford Green, we’ve already joined in on this trend with our Hibiscus Paloma, a cocktail made with Lunazul Reposado Tequila & St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur that’s shaken with fresh lemon juice and our house-made hibiscus simple syrup.

Fall Food Trend #5 Normalize Alternative Milk Options

At first, it was just soy and almond milk competing for space in the anti-dairy market. But today, manufacturers have added types of milk from a myriad of sources. From sunflower seed and oat milk to macadamia nut and coconut milk, the options keep getting more interesting.

These alternative kinds of milk offer a new range of possibilities for creams, soups, beverages, and sauces that we’re excited to experiment with at Chapter One Food & Drink’s downtown Mystic restaurant location!

Visit Chapter One! The Top Downtown Mystic Restaurant For Fall Restaurant Food Trends

Offering comfortable outdoor dining, live entertainment, and some of the most delicious and trending seafood, a top-quality raw bar, and the best New American pub food you’ll find anywhere, Chapter One is a must-try for the downtown Mystic Restaurant scene.




Troy Hahn
Author: Johnny
Johnny has held multiple positions at Chapter One Food & Drink in both the Mystic and Guilford locations. Now, as the General Manager at Chapter One, Johnny strives to have a strong and positive impact on his team and his local community. "Chapter One is unique as it has an uncanny intimacy, a home away from home feel that is calming and somewhat romantic. I absolutely adore this place." His attention to detail and his seamless demeanor allow him to orchestrate the vibe and tempo of the room. Johnny is hospitable to the highest degree, and he looks forward to celebrating many more 'Chapters' with the company to come.