January 13 is National Gluten-Free Day – Celebrate with Dinner at Our Mystic Restaurant

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Nothing beats sitting down at a delightful restaurant for a delicious bite to eat. But it can be tough to navigate many restaurant menus, particularly if you have one or more allergies, like gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. When you visit Chapter One’s Mystic village restaurant, you’ll find a menu with variety and flexibility for any food preference or allergy.

In fact, we invite you to come celebrate National Gluten-Free Day at our restaurant if you or a loved one has a food sensitivity. Our scratch kitchen will work hard to ensure you enjoy your meal and have a great experience. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from our gluten-free dinner menu!

How Chapter One’s Mystic Village Restaurant Handles Food Allergies

At Chapter One, we know how important it is to understand diner food allergies and meal preferences fully. Every day, we strive to create delicious, enjoyable menu options available for anyone with a food allergy: a trend that’s becoming more popular around the country, too!

To ensure we make every food item to perfection, we educate our serving staff about food allergies, how to communicate patron needs to our kitchens, and how to prepare allergy-safe food as perfectly as possible. We don’t just train our staff so they are aware of common allergies.

We also teach them symptoms to look out for, how to prevent cross-contamination and more. More specifically, we use separate cooking equipment, like blenders and utensils, when creating meals and food items for patrons with one or more food allergies. We always take adequate precautions to ensure you can enjoy your food safely.

For the convenience of our patrons, we designate specific meals and food items with abbreviations to indicate whether they are gluten-free or vegan (GF and VG, respectively). In the worst-case scenarios, each staff member is fully prepared to contact emergency services and aid customers who experience an allergic reaction.

What is a “Scratch” Kitchen?

Chapter One’s Mystic village restaurant is a scratch kitchen. That means we serve all of our food fresh and make every meal with fresh ingredients. In fact, we don’t use any frozen or processed ingredients or foods whatsoever.

The result? Delicious, healthy meals you can trust. Chapter One’s restaurants are ideal if you have one or more food allergies, as you can trust that the ingredients going into your food are wholesome, natural, and safe for consumption.

Gluten-Free Dinner Picks at Chapter One’s Mystic Village Restaurant

There’s a lot to order at our Mystic village restaurant if you’re looking for tasty gluten-free bites or meals.

Take our arugula salad, for example. Made with fresh goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and even house-made white balsamic dressing, this gluten-free and vegetarian option is the perfect starter or small meal if you’re hungry for dinner but don’t want to fill up too much.

Or maybe you’ll prefer our Wild Norwegian Salmon: a gluten-free entrée made to your specification (pan-seared, grilled, or blackened). It’s served with delicious rice pilaf and the day’s vegetable, plus topped with house-made pico de gallo.

Looking for a pasta style dish to celebrate this once-a-year event? Our Scallop Risotto is just the ticket. Enjoy our seared Stonington scallops with asparagus; both served over tomato basil risotto. Our gluten-free garnish of pecorino romano cheese rounds out the flavors for a truly delectable experience.

Who Can Order from the Gluten-Free Dinner Options?

Anyone! At Chapter One’s Mystic village restaurant, we don’t limit who can order our gluten-free menu items. That’s because different people may want to dine gluten-free for different reasons.

For instance, you may have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Gluten sensitivity isn’t as severe as celiac disease; in many cases, individuals with gluten sensitivity find that gluten-based products, like bread or pasta, don’t agree with their digestion all that well.1

Celiac disease is more serious and is accompanied by worse symptoms such as malabsorption, damage to the intestinal lining, fatigue, and more. If you or a loved one have celiac disease or minor to severe gluten sensitivity, our GF menu items are the perfect picks for your next meal.2

What if You Don’t Have a Food Allergy?

Even if you don’t have a food allergy, you can still dine at Chapter One and enjoy our gluten-free offerings. Some people don’t like how gluten tastes or feels in the mouth, or they may find that eating gluten produces some minor but still noticeable side effects, like gas or indigestion.

In these cases and more, our gluten-free menu items allow you to enjoy a delicious meal with your friends and family without battling gluten’s potential side effects.

Celebrate National Gluten-Free Day at Chapter One’s Mystic Village Restaurant!

National Gluten-Free Day only comes once per year, so why not celebrate it at a restaurant that tailors its menu to your needs? Come visit Chapter One’s Mystic Village kitchen today at 32 West Main Street, Mystic, CT!



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