From 19th Century England To Modern-Day Guilford – The Surprising History Of Brunch

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Chapter One Guilford

From 19th Century England To Modern-Day Guildford – The Surprising History Of Brunch

Ahh, brunch in Guilford. The perfect way to spend a luxuriously lazy weekend or catch up with friends. Whether it’s tasty French toast or a sumptuous dish of lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, brunch has rapidly become a favorite weekend activity.

But what are the origins of this tasty time of the day? When exactly did society fall in love with this popular hybrid of breakfast and lunch?

From English Hunters To Hollywood Stars – The History Of Brunch Has A Story To Tell

Although a little hazy, with varying accounts from historians, it’s believed the first mention of the word “brunch” appeared in 1895 in England. A London publication called “Hunter’s Weekly” printed an article written by a bloke called Guy Beringer.

Guy wrote an essay called “Brunch: A Plea.” It seems that Mr. Beringer was tired of early morning rising on a Sunday and wanted a more leisurely way to eat a Sunday meal.

And brunch offered up the perfect solution because, in Guy’s words, it is “cheerful, sociable and enticing. It is talk compelling…it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.” 1

However, it seems there are differing accounts about brunch’s beginnings.

For example, some historians say brunch stemmed from the lavish pre-hunt breakfasts enjoyed in England during the 19th century. Before heading out with their horses and hounds, hunters would enjoy a delicious buffet of eggs, bacon, and fruit.

Or perhaps brunch comes from Catholics who skipped breakfast to eat a longer meal after Mass. 2

Whatever the true origins, brunch was destined for greater things in the years to follow.

Brunch Takes America By Storm

It wasn’t long before the idea of brunch shifted away from English shores. Throughout the 1930s, brunch hit the big time in America, and the rich embraced this novel idea of a mid-morning leisurely meal. 3

Needless to say, as the film industry grew and Hollywood stars traveled across the country, brunch gained momentum as film stars stopped at Chicago to enjoy a late morning meal.

And what’s more, in 1939, the New York Times declared its support for brunch when it printed that Sunday was a two-meal day.

Brunch had hit the US and rapidly became a popular pastime for the wealthy and high society. The lowly brunch was now considered a luxury, served in the poshest hotels and a way to show off social status.

By The 1960s, Brunch Was No Longer The Hobby Of The Rich And Famous

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the masses wanted to enjoy the treat of a weekend brunch. And by the 1960’s replacing breakfast and lunch with brunch became a more widespread phenomenon.

Cookbooks dedicated to brunch recipes sprang up on shop shelves, and brunch gained popularity among the ordinary.

For working mums, brunch became a more relaxed way to spend time with family, without the early starts. And dining out for brunch gave busy homemakers a chance to step away from the stove.

But one thing’s for sure, as popular programs like “Sex and the City” took hold in the 1990s, it was clear brunch was here to stay. Cafes, restaurants, and diners had it set firmly on their menus. And that’s where it remains, continuing to grow in popularity – the weekend meal of choice for so many.

Relax And Enjoy The Tastiest Brunch In Guilford

Whatever the history of brunch, it’s the modern-day twist given to it at Chapter One that you won’t want to miss. From sharing bowls of breakfast nachos to the indulgent luxury of lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, Chapter One takes brunch in Guilford to the next level.

Weekends are for making memories, and the fabulous food and service at Chapter One ensures your brunch is unforgettable. Call 203-533-7988 to book your table today.



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