What is a “New American” Restaurant? A Mystic Restaurant and Bar Explains

by | May 10, 2022 | Chapter One Mystic

What is a “New American” Restaurant? A Mystic Restaurant and Bar Explains

Have you heard of a “New American” restaurant? You may have heard the term thrown around but may not know exactly what it means when it comes to menu options. If you don’t, it’s okay; we’re here to help. We know it can get confusing with so many different types of restaurants out there to choose from. So, we will take an in-depth look at what a “New American” restaurant is, what you can find on the menu, and where you can find this cuisine at a Mystic restaurant and bar.

What Does “New American” Restaurant Mean?

When you hear a restaurant described as “New American,” you can expect a fusion cuisine that mimics flavors from many traditional American cooking techniques. These are combined with some foreign components to make “New American” restaurants pop. The dishes you’ll find here are not on all menus.

The term “New American” made its grand entrance in the 1980s, although it’s believed to have evolved from the 1960s “nouvelle cuisine .” It brings together the farm-to-table movement while incorporating different ingredients to allow chefs to be creative with their dishes.

There’s no reason to get intimidated by this type of cuisine because it’s not particularly fancy food. It’s just food that mixes different ingredients to put a new spin on dishes. The tastes are fresh, unique, and phenomenal. When you look at the ingredients, you’ll wonder, why didn’t I come up with that?

Types of Foods You Can Find on a New American Restaurant Menu

Think about different twists on some classic recipes when considering food on a New American restaurant menu. For example, bruschetta is a common item listed as an appetizer on restaurant menus. But, how about Ciabatta Bruschetta? At Chapter One Food & Drink in Mystic, we prepare this appetizer using toasted ciabatta bread and topping it with pesto, house-roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, and a balsamic reduction drizzle. See the difference when you compare it to a regular bruschetta!

Unique Appetizers

Another example is the Devils on Horseback, which you’ll also find as an appetizer at Chapter One. While you may find dates on other restaurant menus, this appetizer takes Medjool dates filled with gorgonzola cheese and wraps them in smoked bacon. They’re drizzled with a balsamic reduction for the perfect appetizer dish to share…or not because they’re so good!

Lots of Delicious Veggies

Many “New American” menu dishes also use lots of vegetables. At Chapter One Food & Drink, you’ll find a Vegetarian Stir Fry that mixes sauteed peppers, onions, spinach, edamame, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, scallions, and sesame seeds. The vegetable medley is served with house jasmine rice and sweet soy sauce.

New Takes on Old Favorites

B.L.T. sandwiches (bacon, lettuce, tomato) are pretty standard on a lunch menu. But, when you add English cucumbers, mayo, and smoked bacon on a grilled tortilla, you have a B.L.T.C. Wrap. This is a unique twist on a classic that you’ll also find at Chapter One.

Extra Decadent Side Dishes

Besides main dishes and appetizers, you’ll also see variety in the side dishes offered at “New American” restaurants. Who wants regular French fries when you can have bacon cheese fries or truffle fries? Brussel sprouts sound great, but maple bacon Brussel sprouts are even better. These are just a few of the side dishes Chapter One Food & Drink offers at its Mystic location for lunch and dinner.

“New American” cuisine is all about adding different flavors to some classic dishes to create something unique. These new spins are so fresh and inviting that they’ll tempt your tastebuds to return for more.

Visit a Mystic Restaurant and Bar with a New American Menu

If any of those “New American” menu items mentioned above have left your mouth watering, there’s only one thing to do: visit Chapter One Food and Drink in Mystic to try them! Whether it’s lunch, dinner, or brunch, you’ll immediately recognize the “New American” flair that makes Chapter One stand out among other restaurants.

With so many different ingredients infused into otherwise ordinary dishes, we create a new spin on them that will leave your tastebuds delighted. Be sure to stop in and say hello the next time you’re in downtown Mystic!

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