How To Tell If You’re Visiting The Best Restaurant Near Me in Guilford

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Chapter One Guilford

How To Tell If You're Visiting The Best Restaurant

Whether you’re new in town, a local, or a tourist, nearly everyone has Googled “best restaurant near me” to find the hidden gems. This is one of the quickest ways to bring up some of the most delicious, mouthwatering spots to grab a bite to eat. Here are a few other ways to separate the 1-star dives from top-quality dining.

#1 Ask For Recommendations

If you’re a tourist visiting a new place and want to know where to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, ask the locals! You might be surprised where the best grub is. Locals have a nuanced experience of spots around town and can recommend different restaurants depending on their preferred budget, dietary needs, and desired ambiance.

#2 Look At Reviews

These days, reviews are everywhere, but most folks check Google. Choose a restaurant with at least four stars for the best experience. You can also check Trip Advisor and Yelp for more detailed information about the friendliness of the staff, wait times, or the restaurant’s vibe.

And since our eyes eat first, don’t forget to browse photo reviews! Professional pictures on the menu always make the food look great, but photos that patrons post will give you a clearer idea of what you’re really getting when you order.

#3 Look At The Menu

The best restaurants near me will always have a menu for you to look at online. Use your time researching to check whether they offer seasonally-based ingredients or locally sourced goods. You can tell a lot about the care in the kitchen by the variety of ingredients and choices they offer (or don’t offer).

Ensure that the menu appeals to you before you decide on a spot to eat. Sometimes all it takes is one glance at a menu to decide that it isn’t the place for you. Other times, you realize that in order to get the most out of the restaurant, you’ll need to eat there again to try a variety of menu items that catch your eye.

#4 Ask If They Have A Scratch Kitchen

A scratch kitchen serves all menu items with fresh, raw ingredients rather than frozen or processed foods. The care that goes into recipes and dishes prepared in a scratch kitchen produces exceptionally delicious food – and you know exactly what ingredients it contains.

There’s nothing like biting into a pasta dish prepared with fresh garlic instead of minced. And the taste of fresh peas is far superior to frozen. There’s really no comparison. And the best news? Chapter One has scratch kitchens at both our locations in Mystic and Guilford!

#5 Try It For Yourself

While you can gather all of the local’s recommendations, there’s nothing quite like experiencing a restaurant for yourself. Whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian, or gluten-free, there’s no experience like first-hand experience.

Here are just a few of the go-to menu items you have to try at Chapter One!

Cajun Chicken Pasta

The Cajun chicken pasta boasts a blackened chicken breast over cavatappi pasta with fresh spinach and roasted red peppers in a garlic cream sauce. It’s served with (you guessed it!) fresh garlic bread, so you can dip it into the sauce for a delectable dinner option.

Scallop Risotto

The scallop risotto is the go-to option for seafood lovers who visit. Chapter One is situated in a coastal town, so the seafood here is fresh and exquisite. The seared Stonington scallops are paired with fresh asparagus and a tomato-basil risotto, garnished with pecorino romano cheese. This is a great gluten-free option if you get the GF penne with it.

Ciabatta Bruschetta

When you opt for a simple menu item, the ingredients are what really make the dish stand out. Our house-made ciabatta bruschetta is topped with pesto, house-roasted tomatoes, and goat cheese. It’s finished off with a drizzle of balsamic reduction for a sweet and salty melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Chapter One Burger

The Chapter One burger is our flagship meal for locals and tourists alike. Seasoned with a house spice rub, topped with our Chapter One sauce, and served on a  Brioche bun, you won’t regret ordering this timeless menu item, complete with fries and a pickle.

Raw Bar

Our close proximity to the ocean means we always have a ready supply of fresh seafood. And it’s a customer favorite for a reason! Our wide selection of the freshest oysters and clams makes our raw bar a truly delightful experience for the seafood fanatic.

Make A Reservation At One Of Chapter One’s Scratch Kitchen Locations For The “Best Restaurant Near Me”

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bite at the best restaurant near me, Chapter One! Our scratch kitchen and casual ambiance give you the freshest ingredients possible in a relaxed environment. Make a reservation with us today!

Troy Hahn
Author: Johnny
Johnny has held multiple positions at Chapter One Food & Drink in both the Mystic and Guilford locations. Now, as the General Manager at Chapter One, Johnny strives to have a strong and positive impact on his team and his local community. "Chapter One is unique as it has an uncanny intimacy, a home away from home feel that is calming and somewhat romantic. I absolutely adore this place." His attention to detail and his seamless demeanor allow him to orchestrate the vibe and tempo of the room. Johnny is hospitable to the highest degree, and he looks forward to celebrating many more 'Chapters' with the company to come.