Try These 3 Food and Drink Pairings at the Best American Restaurant in Mystic

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Chapter One Mystic

Try These 3 Food and Drink Pairings for Cold Weather at the American restaurant mystic

The weather is growing colder and colder, and it is time to eat and drink accordingly. You are probably looking for tasty foods and refreshing beverages to complement this cold season. If you are looking for an American restaurant, Mystic has one of the best around: Chapter One Food & Drink.

The American restaurant Mystic Chapter One Food & Drink offers plenty of delicious menu items to try. We have come up with the best food and drink pairings to try when cold weather strikes. Try any of these three combinations to spice up your winter in the best way possible.

1. French Onion Soup with Pinot Noir

French onion soup is a savory, classy dish that will warm you up when the weather gets cold. Paired with the earthy notes of Pinot Noir, our French onion soup will give you a taste of luxury. You can’t ask for a better cold weather combination.

The Flavors: Light and Fruity Meets Creamy

French onion soup and Pinot Noir make a great pair because of the refreshing fruity notes in this wine. This type of soup is thick and creamy, and Pinot Noir will slice right through this texture delectably.

Pinot Noir tends to have earthy undertones with medium fruity notes. This combination is for you if you enjoy refreshing beverages with heavier soups.

2. Cajun Chicken Pasta with Drawbridge Cosmopolitan

Our hearty Cajun chicken pasta dish comes with blackened chicken breast and delicious cavatappi pasta tossed in a creamy garlic sauce. Garnished with roasted red peppers and spinach and served with garlic bread, this is the perfect blend of Italian and Cajun food.

As an American restaurant, Mystic Chapter One Food & Drink must include well-loved cocktails like the Drawbridge Cosmopolitan. We include orange-flavored Grey Goose with lime juice and fresh raspberry puree.

The Flavors: Flavorful Cajun Heat with Citrusy Liquor

Cosmopolitan cocktails pair perfectly with dishes like our Cajun chicken pasta because the citrus notes complement one another. Cajun dishes typically come with a dash of lime juice and heightened acidic notes.

The orange liquor in our Drawbridge Cosmopolitan is not overpowering, making it a light and refreshing drink with plenty of enjoyable citrus flavors. Sweet meets a tad bit of sour with the raspberry puree in this cocktail.

When paired together, the Cajun chicken pasta and Drawbridge Cosmopolitan are one of the best combos to heat up with this winter!

3. Ciabatta Bruschetta with Espresso Martini

Need a boost of energy with your goat cheese appetizer? Pair our ciabatta bruschetta with an espresso martini. The full-bodied flavor of this dish pairs well with the bitter, sharp notes of an espresso martini any day (or night) of a cold week.

The Flavors: Acidic and Creamy with Bitter Espresso

We use fresh Italian espresso in our espresso martinis. The sharp taste of vodka mixed with espresso will complement the fattier flavors of your ciabatta bruschetta.

This appetizer is the perfect starter for your meal, which is topped with goat cheese, pesto, house-roasted tomatoes, and balsamic reduction drizzle. You will love getting cozy in a booth with your espresso martini and this warm, fresh bread dish on a chilly winter night.

Cozy Up at the Best American Restaurant: Mystic Chapter One Food & Drink

If you are looking for the greatest all-American restaurant: Mystic edition, Chapter One Food & Drink is the place to go. We offer delicious dishes with hand-crafted cocktails to spice up your evening — especially during the notoriously brisk Connecticut winters.

Cold weather brings some of the most enjoyable times indoors with your loved ones. Contact us to book a reservation or order online. Come to the well-loved American restaurant: Mystic Chapter One Food & Drink for warmth and the best satisfying dishes.

Troy Hahn
Author: Johnny
Johnny has held multiple positions at Chapter One Food & Drink in both the Mystic and Guilford locations. Now, as the General Manager at Chapter One, Johnny strives to have a strong and positive impact on his team and his local community. "Chapter One is unique as it has an uncanny intimacy, a home away from home feel that is calming and somewhat romantic. I absolutely adore this place." His attention to detail and his seamless demeanor allow him to orchestrate the vibe and tempo of the room. Johnny is hospitable to the highest degree, and he looks forward to celebrating many more 'Chapters' with the company to come.